How It Works!

We help you find street parking in any crowded area you find yourself in!

Step 1: Turn on your GPS for location sharing.

Step 2:Create an account!

Step 3: Input your personal details.

Step 4:Add your destination address.

Step 5: As you drive toward your destination, this app will share available parking spaces nearby your destination.

Step 6: Once you are parked comfortably, click on the green button that says "I parked here!". (You signal to the app that you've found a parking space successfully, and our app will store your parking location and help you when you need to find it later.)

Step 1: SHARE! As a cortesy, use the Red "Report Parking Spot" Button to share with other drivers where you see available parking spaces along the way.

Step 8: Once you share available parking spots, over time, our app algorithm rewards members who help 10+ people find parking near their destination address. Through your support of others, we look to reward you, and we thank you in advance for your help.